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Warehouse Logistics Professionals Call for Action: Fix Our Failing and Congested Highway System Today


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Warehouse Logistics Professionals Call for Action:
Fix Our Failing and Congested Highway System Today

May 18, 2015 (Des Plaines, Ill.) – Members of the International Warehouse Logistics Association (IWLA), the resource for warehouse logistics, know firsthand the impact of Congress’s inability to fund a failing U.S. infrastructure system: Lack of action creates unnecessary congestion and bottlenecks. A failing infrastructure also drains the economy.

IWLA, as the trade association for the warehouse logistics industry, asks its members to strongly support the re-authorization of the Moving Ahead for Progress in the 21st Century Act (MAP-21) before federal highway trust fund dollars in every state begin to run dry by the end of May.

“Our infrastructure problems are obvious. There is major damage from years of neglect and now we are at a point that we must fix it or risk a major public health or economic crisis,” says IWLA President & CEO Steve DeHaan.

According to estimates, the United States needs at least $91 billion over the next six years just to maintain funding levels. Even that amount won't necessarily deal with the backlog of maintenance and construction desperately needed to keep drivers, railroads, and the supply chain safe.

Third-party warehouse logistics providers are a critical link in the U.S. retail and commerce supply chain. A failing infrastructure greatly reduces these companies’ ability to provide services. Inefficient routing, congested traffic patterns, and other issues cause chronic transportation-related delays. “It’s no secret that delays increase transportation costs, and these costs are eventually passed on to the consumer,” DeHaan says.   

Not only that, there are serious environmental and safety concerns involving bridges and roadways that cannot sustain the load. Leaving these issues unaddressed would be irresponsible to public health.

IWLA urges Congress to identify and act on a long-term solution for transportation funding. It is critical that Congress create a solution now. IWLA asserts that Congress cannot continue punting this issue further down the road. The trend of governing from crisis to crisis has stalled job-creating infrastructure projects and has created uncertainty for businesses.

“We cannot ignore this issue any longer. IWLA members, their customers and consumers cannot rely on the system that is currently in place. Change needs to start today,” DeHaan says.

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