IWLA Education


IWLA launched a Warehouse Logistics Certificate (WLC) designed for the front-line worker. This online certification program gives front-line employees the opportunity to expand their knowledge in the basics of the warehouse logistics industry.

IWLA’s partnership with the Georgia Tech Supply Chain Logistics Institute provides access to already created online modules that align with IWLA curriculum requirements for the WLC certificate.

Warehouse Logistics Certificate (WLC)
WLC Requirements Acceptance


One year experience in warehousing and or logistics industry.

(All requirements must be completed
within two years of application submission.)

  1. Completion of Georgia Tech Supply Chain Modules:
      • Supply Chain Management Principles - $350
      • Customer Service Operations (English or Spanish) - $350
      • Warehousing Operations (English or Spanish) - $350
      • Fourth Course (Optional) - Free
  2. Completion of IWLA Education Modules:
      • Warehouse Safety Basics - Free
      • Warehouse Legal Basics - Free

To apply for the Georgia Tech Supply Chain Modules, click the apply button below.