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Let’s Talk Labor – The Race to Recruit a Skilled Logistics Force

May 13, 2021 (12:05 PM - 12:55 PM CST)


  • Robert Baldridge – President, Sabine Transportation
  • Steve DeHaan, President & CEO, International Warehouse Logistics Association (IWLA)

Subject Matter Experts:

  • Boyd Ammon – Vice President of Ammon Staffing
  • Trey Little – Benefits Consultant with Gallagher Benefit Services

Webinar Overview

In previous Supply Chain BR | RAW webinars, experts shared that supply chain operations are expected to increase exponentially in a post-pandemic shift to onshoring manufacturing operations. A shortage of qualified labor workers able to meet the increasing need for warehousing and logistics solutions has created a swell of recruiting challenges for the industry. Without qualified personnel, the backbone of manufacturing may buckle under economic pressure. A problem that will ripple throughout all industries.

Recruiting a stable workforce that aligns with your business’ values, while navigating a competitive hiring marketplace, requires critical thinking and creative problem-solving. Without a thoughtful hiring strategy, companies risk sinking thousands of dollars into recruiting errors, excessive overhead costs, high turnover, and ineffective decision-making. Do you have the qualified, stable workforce to meet this growing demand?

In this webinar, participants will share timely information and predictions about:

  • Advantages of hiring models (e.g., temp, contract, full-time) to optimize your growth
  • Aligning your existing labor force to capitalize on upcoming marketplace trends
  • Differentiating your brand to highlight your cultural strengths and benefits
  • Strategies to attract referrals from curated employee loyalty

And, speakers will take live questions from attendees throughout the webinar.

A candid discussion you’ll want to calendar.

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Webinar Attendees

Business and supply chain leaders who are responsible for business strategy, operational planning and financial outcomes.

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