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  • NY-NJ Announce Port Master Plan

    The Port Authority of New York and New Jersey has announced its US$6.5 billion 2016 budget, which aims to fund critical state-of-good-repair to existing transportation facilities and new infrastructure that is needed to sustain and accelerate growth, including a $175 million investment in port infrastructure.​

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  • The Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) and International Supply Chain Development

    The TPP includes policies on the reduction of trade barriers, investments, labor, and intellectual property. I will focus this article on policies related to the reduction of trade barriers and the development of international supply chains, leaving the other topics for future discussions.

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  • House Passes $325B Highway Bill

    The House approved a bill to spend up to $325 billion on transportation projects on Thursday after a weeklong vote-a-rama and an intense debate about federal gas taxes.

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  • Teamsters Benefit Plan to Slash Retirement Payouts

    The Central States Pension Fund intends to cut retirement payouts 23% on average for all 407,000 participants as the benefit plan for Teamsters tries to finalize a long-term survival plan.

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  • DOT Unveils Transportation Investment Unit

    The U.S. Department of Transportation has unveiled a centralized unit tasked with working with states, cities and investors looking for help with navigating the federal transportation apparatus.

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  • Keep America Moving

    Americans are all too familiar with roadblocks – from potholes and road closures to “expect delays” signs and detours. Studies show that nearly two-thirds of our nation’s roads are in unsatisfactory condition, and at least a quarter of America’s bridges must be replaced. In fact, a report from the Texas A&M Transportation Institute converts these problems into costs, finding that Americans lose approximately $121 billion each year to traffic, fuel and lost producti

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  • Overtime Regulation Will Stifle Flexibility and Opportunity for Workers

    The Subcommittee on Workforce Protections, chaired by Rep. Tim Walberg (R-MI), today held a hearing on the Department of Labor’s proposed changes to federal overtime rules.

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  • California Gov. Brown Calls For Zero Freight Emissions

    California Gov. Jerry Brown called on state leaders Friday to develop a plan to transition to zero-emission technologies in the freight industry, according to The Wall Street Journal.

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  • Why Paying Truckers by the Mile is Unfair and Dangerous

    The trucking industry is in crisis for one simple reason: It cannot find enough people to sit behind the wheel.

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  • House Passes Bill that Continues Hours of Service Rollback

    A DOT funding bill that would keep in place the hours-of-service restart rollback that came in December has cleared the U.S. House, passing by just six votes at nearly midnight on Tuesday.

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Results: 75 Articles found.


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