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Nearly 85 percent of IWLA’s membership falls under the warehouse membership category. The warehouse membership is companywide, based on a sliding pricing scale matched to your company’s operating square footage.

Warehouse-based third-party logistics companies are a unique industry segment that requires unique products and services. If you own or operate a third-party warehouse, IWLA is the only place that can give you the tools and resources that you need:

  • Grow profitable, competitive businesses.
  • Improve operational efficiencies and productivity.
  • Discover technologies to expand value-add services to clients.
  • Be compliant with regulations and labor laws.
  • Strengthen your workforce through training and education programs.
  • Protect warehousing and logistics business interests from burdensome government oversight.

How do I know if IWLA membership is for me? Member-Brochure-Icon

Third-party warehouses store and handle other people's goods. IWLA members never take ownership over those goods while in or out of their care. However, they are responsible for proper storage, handling and many times transportation of those goods from the point of manufacturing to their final destination (retail/consumer). 

Peer-to-Peer Learning Advantage

An IWLA membership is a membership in a business community.

To facilitate sharing among members with similar circumstances, IWLA created special interest groups within warehouse membership known as IWLA Councils. These groups offer tailored education, training and networking opportunities to specific issues surrounding business leaders like you. This segmentation is open and accessible to all members at any time.

Visit Councils page to learn more about IWLA’s special interest groups or visit the IWLA1891 blog to read about the latest developments from our councils and events.

Powerful Influence Makes a Difference

IWLA members understand the value of having a powerful influence in Washington, D.C. IWLA tracks legislation, bills, regulatory actions and members of Congress closely to stay ahead of the issues and to proactively ensure the warehouse logistics industry’s interests are protected. Learn more about IWLA’s top priorities, latest government affairs news under the Government Advocacy section.


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