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Warehouse Light

Warehouse Light IWLA’s Guaranteed Cost Insurance Programshutterstock_30192520

IWLA understands that the Insurance Captive is not the only insurance program for its members. Since 2011 IWLA has teamed with Artex to provide members with Warehouse Light an exclusive guaranteed cost insurance program.

This coverage is specific to warehouse logistics needs at competitive rates and increased safety generated cost reductions.

Why is it a Big Deal?

An unbundled alternative risk program.  This gives you a way to get a touch of being in an alternative risk program without the upfront costs and risk.

No Letters of Credit!

How Does it Help You?

Traditionally third party claims administers save clients up to 17 percent over company adjusters. Lower claim cost reduces your experience modification. This means more savings.

Clients will have access to claims information on line.  Tracking and monitoring claims is always in the best interest of the client.

Artex can provide several different structures for warehousing and logistics risks: Guaranteed Cost and, Small and Large Deductibles. Dedicated warehouse expertise is available to assist brokers and warehouse operators in reviewing warehouse receipts, customer contracts and building leases in order to identify coverage gaps and structure the most appropriate structure.

  • “A” Rated Carrier
  • Available in all states
  • Guaranteed Cost, Small and Large Deductible and Captive Programs

Download the Warehouse Light brochure. 

Warehouse Light Program Overview


            Paper:  Zurich

            Claims:  Gallagher Bassett

            Loss Control:  Gallagher Bassett

            Program Administrator:  Artex Risk Solutions


Lines of Coverage:  Workers Compensation, General Liability, Auto Liability & Physical Damage

Accounts Size:   Over $100,000 in premium (for all lines total)

Premium Finance Available:  Yes

Maximum:  Guaranteed cost   No joint & several liability

Pre Loss Control Required:  Yes   


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