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IWLA 125th Anniversary



125 Years of Warehousing Innovation & We’re Just Getting Started


Did you know that American Warehousemen’s Association (AWA) is one of the oldest trade organizations in North America today?  Did you know that AWA/IWLA was a founding member of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce? 

IWLA has such a rich history to be proud of.

A group of visionary warehousemen founded AWA in 1891. These founders joined together to ensure our industry would survive. Back then, our forefathers were fighting the railroads and trying to legitimize an industry. During those 125 years, our industry has grown and traversed different challenges.

It is because of those who went before us – those who took on the regulatory battles, those who fought for and defined the terms and conditions and liabilities for our industry, and those who created great family businesses and companies – that we have enjoyed the fruits of their labor for decades.

Today, IWLA is at the forefront of the regulatory and legislative arena. The association still represents the industry and keeps it viable. Now, a century and a quarter later, we will be celebrating AWA/IWLA’s 125th year of representing our industry.

We invite you to help us celebrate that history at the IWLA Convention & Expo, March 13-15, in Orlando. Many of our members are multigenerational family businesses and have great stories about their founding and journey through the decades.

Please take a moment to learn more about how the industry began and where IWLA’s story begins.

3PL Americas: 125th Anniversary Issue

Historical Timeline

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