IWLA is the Resource for Warehouse Logistics Professionals

IMG_6168_copyMembers of the International Warehouse Logistics Association are specialized companies who provide a wide range of warehouse–based third-party logistics operations and value-added services.

The four pillars of what makes IWLA member companies unique:


Our members actively participate and share knowledge and experiences for the benefit of all members.


Our members are informed on issues critical to our industry. We work to grow markets for our members by increasing our awareness of our industry and association.


We are committed to the success of the association, its members and the industry’s future.

Trusted Colleague

Our members are approachable and caring, demonstrating a willingness to share knowledge, best practices and experiences.

Benefits of partnering and associating yourself with IWLA:

  • Professionalism
  • Representation with regulators and legislators
  • Knowledge and expertise
  • Compliance and business ethics
  • Safety and security
  • Advanced operations and technology
  • Quality customer service
  • Competitive advantage from networking

Find out why your company should join IWLA or do business with an IWLA member.


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