IWLA $25 Webinar Listing

IWLA $25 webinars are hosted by IWLA Members and Nonmembers. These webinars are a series focused on food. They will provide standard operating procedures, protecting your food from pest and during transportation, contamination, and all the things food related.

IWLA has made viewing webinars On-demand easy as 1 – 2 – 3! These webinars are packed with training and are provided as low as $10 per webinar. Use these videos as supplemental training for your employees in between attending IWLA educational events throughout the year. 

  1. Scroll down and find the webinar(s) that pique your interest! You will see a list of webinars divided in categories with most being available to IWLA members only.
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    Simply send the completed form to the IWLA Education Department.  You will soon be sent the links to the webinar(s) to view at your convenience!

Food Series Webinar Part 1 
ASI Food Safety (ASI) is a leading food-safety auditing company that developed a pre-recorded webinar for IWLA on standard operating procedures (SOP). You will learn the basics about food safety and how to protect your clients’ goods from spoilage and damage.

Food Series Webinar Part 2 
Protecting food from pests during transportation and storage is a critical part of food safety. In this session we will focus on the common pests associated with the food distribution industry including pests which may hitch-hike on shipments. Prevention and control methods will be reviewed with an emphasis on third-party audit compliance.

Food Series Webinar Part 3 
Allergens and the reduction of risk due to cross contamination is one of the many important keys in safely handling food products. The IWA Food Council Webinar Series Part 3, Allergens and Cross Contamination, covers the “Big 8” allergens. How to determine risk area, manage those areas and decrease your organizations chances of cross contamination. You hold the power of prevention.

Food Series Webinar Part 4 
Is your hazard analysis and critical control point system in place? Is your food-grade warehousing facility ISO certified? Do you have a compliant food safety scheme? Third-party food warehouses must adhere to several regulatory requirements handed out by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration and earn proper safety, handling, and processing verifications to stay compliant and keep the food supply chain safe. The fourth webinar in our series provides insight in regulations and compliance standards. In partnership with Sonwil Distribution Center and Standard Distribution Co., Katy Poe Harbaugh leads this webinar to better equip warehouse logistics organizations with the most accurate and up-to-date information. View this webinar now!

Food Series Webinar Part 5 
The final webinar in the Food Safety five part series. Our last is an informational webinar, providing a who, what, where, when and why approach to recalls. Valuable information and checklist to preforming your own mock recalls. Including step by step instruction in an easy to follow format.