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IWLA Safety & Risk Conference


Warehouse logistics is hard work and companies need to work just as hard to keep employees safe. The IWLA Safety & Risk Conference helps you.


Warehouse logistics companies that put safety programs into action benefit from reduced workers’ compensation claims while building a more attractive workplace for retaining employees. The IWLA Safety & Risk Conference program includes the latest safety regulations, practices and crisis-management strategies for warehouse logistics organizations.


The IWLA Safety & Risk Conference highlights the most important safety compliance regulations, issues and strategies for incorporating safety into the company culture. The program recently included these topics:

  • Food Safety Modernization Act compliance and enforcement.
  • U.S. Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration’s common violations and new regulations.
  • U.S. Occupational Safety & Health Administration inspections and how to avoid them.
  • Best human resource practices for retaining and hiring drivers and how to conduct testing processes legally.
  • U.S. Affordable Care Act and staying compliance with a temporary workforce.
  • Crisis management techniques and how to respond during a disaster or when accidents occur.
  • Labeling practices in compliance with the Global Harmonization requirements.

Be Surrounded By Those Who Place Safety as a Top Priority

Part of the requirements to be involved in the IWLA Insurance Company (IWLA-IC) is to attend at least two safety training courses per year. Members involved in this insurance captive have attained some of the highest safety records in the industry through their involvement and attendance at educational events like this. Learn more about how the IWLA-IC maintains safe workplaces and whether the group is right for you.


Warehouse managers, safety managers, operations personnel with risk responsibility or human resources personnel. Owners and executives who attend will also receive deeper insight into their organization’s practices and planning.


Upcoming Course: Sept. 10-11, 2020 | Phoenix, Ariz.


Testimonials from past IWLA Safety & Risk Conference attendees. 

“I have attended the IWLA Safety & Risk Conference every year for over 8 years and each year I learn something new. The networking is very important and helps in getting advice and suggestions on what we are working individually at our company.” Paula Yau, human resources manager of Southcoast Transportation & Distribution.

“The best companies are committed to safety and sustainability! This conference facilitates your improvement to doing and being the best you can be in your safety process! Come be with the best!” – Michael Kelton, chairman & CEO, of Inland Start Distribution Centers, Inc.

“The trades were all good. Presentations and panelists were well prepared. Great interaction with attendees. The networking opportunity to meet with peers was excellent.” – Jeff Smith, president of Allied Logistics.


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