Certified Warehouse Logistics Professional (CWLP)

The Certified Warehouse Logistics Professional designation is designed for seasoned individuals who have broad career experience and who have pursued additional professional education.



  • Complete and meet QWLP Certification.
  • Two years of experience in the warehousing and or logistics industry.
  • Two letters of recommendation from outside of the applicant’s company and/or industry.
  • Approval from the IWLA Education Committee.


(All requirements must be completed within three years of application submission.)

1. Attend ALL of the following education events:
  • IWLA Economics for Warehousing & 3PL Sales 
  • IWLA Safety & Risk Conference
  • IWLA Technology & Operations Solutions Conference
    (Note: If the applicant attended any of the above courses during QWLP certification, it is not necessary to attend again for this certification.)
  • Attend the IWLA Convention & Expo
2. Serve one year on an IWLA committee/council

3. Attend any three events from the following:
  • IWLA-Canada’s Spring or Fall Conference
  • IWLA Legislative Fly-in
  • IWLA Warehouse Legal Practice Symposium
  • Two IWLA-sponsored webinars and/or online education courses
  • Attend another industry-related or IWLA-approved conference.


Approval from the IWLA Education Committee.


$500 application fee

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