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Sustainability is a journey. It is a long-term investment on the environment that we live and work. We believe those who will be most successful must evaluate where they are currently, and track their progress and improvements on a continuous basis.

The IWLA Sustainability Council provides resources and tools to help members track their consumption and energy and those who track their progress will receive recognition for their success.

IWLA Sustainability Council Annual Survey

The IWLA Sustainability Council Annual Survey is our method for identifying the interests of the council members and using your feedback to guide future programming/content. The annual survey also serves as a tool for understanding the different improvements areas for sustainability.

Each year, council members are asked to share their feedback with us and IWLA will publish aggregate data to allow council members to view these trends that are specific to the warehouse logistics industry. 

IWLA Sustainability Council Annual Survey (Coming Soon)

IWLA Sustainability Council Annual Report (Coming Soon)

IWLA Sustainability Council Partners with ENERGY STAR®
ENERGY STAR® is a U.S. Environmental Protection Agency voluntary program that helps businesses and individuals save money and protect our climate through superior energy efficiency.  ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager® is an online tool to measure and track energy and water consumption, as well as greenhouse gas emissions and can be used to benchmark the performance of one building or a whole portfolio of buildings, all in a secure, online environment. Portfolio Manager® is the recommended measurement tool for council members to track progress. 

IWLA Sustainability Council Recognition Program

Those who track sustainability progress through the annual survey and Portfolio Manager can earn recognition for their achievements. The IWLA Recognition Program is designed to promote sustainability in warehouse logistics companies and document those achievements for members to use to promote the facility.

The program recognizes achievements in a number of categories:

  • Number of projects
  • Number of facilities with projects
  • Energy efficiency in the warehouse
  • Transportation efficiency
  • Non-profit/charitable giving
  • Recycler of the Year
  • Most Improved Facility
  • Renewable Energy Project

Congratulations to the 2015 IWLA Sustainability Council Recognition Recipients (Coming Soon)

Share Feedback

The IWLA Sustainability Council welcomes your comments and feedback on the program, resources, and meetings or suggested improvements to better serve you and your sustainability goals. 


Get Started on Your sustainability journey today. 


Download the IWLA Sustainability Commitment Program. 

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