Join IWLA Sustainability Council

When you join the IWLA Sustainability Council you have the opportunity to:shutterstock_63492550

  1. Collaborate with warehouse-based third-party logistics providers who are focused on sustainability in warehousing, logistics and transportation management.
  2. Access resources and data derived from members that will provide proven strategies for sustainability success.
  3. Gain recognition as professionals advancing best practices in the industry.
  4. Learn from experts, how to plan, implement and track your sustainability initiatives in a compelling way.
  5. Advance your company culture to have high regard in sustainability initiatives and overall company pride loyalty to your mission and goals.

Submit you IWLA Sustainability Council application and start your sustainability journey today.  

IWLA Sustainability Council Charter

This is the council’s guiding document that clearly states our purpose, mission, structure, goals etc. This provides the Steering Committee with a clear vision for future programs, initiatives and organizational structure.  View the IWLA Sustainability Council Charter.

IWLA Sustainability Commitment Program

This is the guiding document for council members to start his/her sustainability journey. This provides members with the importance of sustainability, how to begin an initiative, how to financially account for sustainability, best practices for creating a corporate culture that supports these initiatives. This document also provides resources and tools to assist in sustainability program development. View the IWLA Sustainability Council Commitment Program.


The IWLA Sustainability Council is built on the foundation of the sharing of best practices. No ordinary commercial or industrial setting is like a multi-client warehouse facility and no vehicle operates the way a truck does. IWLA Sustainability Council members have access to experts within the industry and each other, as sources of information that stems from warehousing and logistics operations.  View our upcoming meetings and webinar schedule. 

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