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Join IWLA Councils

What are IWLA Councils? What are the benefits?

IWLA knows that the warehouse logistics industry involves a diverse range of issues, information and specialized education.

IWLA councils are special groups within IWLA with a particular focus—chemical handling, diversity, food, fulfillment, government affairs, transportation. Members can join the councils of their choice at any time. Once they do, they will receive tailored information, be invited to events and have access to resources that will benefit their unique businesses.

Council membership is companywide and is fee-based (with the exception of the IWLA Government Affairs Council and IWLA Diversity Council, which is free to all members). These funds help each council fund experts and create resources that will benefit that niche group in some manner.

Browse the IWLA Council pages to discover which one is right for you:

IWLA Chemical Council

IWLA Diversity Council

IWLA Food Council

IWLA Fulfillment Council

IWLA Government Affairs Council

IWLA Transportation Advisory Council (formerly the IWLA Rail Council)

Join an IWLA Council today! Questions? Contact IWLA Headquarter at or call 847.813.4699. 



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