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Michigan Chapter

IWLA Michigan Chapter


IWLA launched its Michigan Chapter in 2007. The chapter is responsible for the handling of government affairs issues with respect to the state of Michigan. This Chapter protects and advances third-party logistics and warehousing service providers’ interest. State and local counties often struggle with various challenges that affect the industry as a whole. The profitability of distribution centers, operating efficiencies and competitiveness are impacted by these issues.

Around the time of the launch, the governor proposed a services tax on Michigan warehousing. The IWLA Michigan Chapter lobbyist provided an early warning and IWLA commissioned the Michigan State University/Grand Valley State study to show the prejudicial impact the proposed tax would have on warehousing in Michigan.

This report was critical in reversing the state’s services the presented evidence pointing to the prejudicial impact the proposed tax would have on warehousing in Michigan.

This special advocacy and lobbying operation in Michigan were funded by members’ contributions in the form of dues to the IWLA Michigan Chapter. Chapter dues enable IWLA to provide representation and protection to the logistics industry in Michigan. As it stands, the chapter is uniquely qualified to keep Michigan legislators aware of warehouse-based 3PLs’ importance to the Michigan economy and to the state’s employment rate.

Michigan Chapter membership is critical in the effort of keeping the Michigan Government Affairs Program in place. It is important for the IWLA’s members to have a voice in Michigan to protect our industry’s interest and advocate for good public policy.

To learn more about the Michigan Chapter and joining please contact IWLA Headquarters at 847.813.4699 or

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