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IWLA Insurance Company


IWLA Insurance Captive

The IWLA Insurance Company (IWLA-IC), established in 1996, allows members an alternative program for underwriting their risks. This member-owned group captive is open to companies that derive the majority of their revenues from warehousing and logistics operations. The insurance program is endorsed by the International Warehouse Logistics Association and companies must be IWLA members to secure insurance through the IWLA-IC.

Program Highlights since 2003

  • $2 million auto and general liability limits.
  • Each member is provided a tailored loss-control service plan and two risk-management workshops a year.
  • Overall program workers’ compensation rate has dropped below $4 per $100 of payroll. Some members’ good experience earning them a rate below $1. The overall program auto liability rate has been stable, between $2,500 and $3,000 per power unit, with some members’ good experience netting a rate below $1,500 per power unit.
  • Members’ equity has grown to more than $15 million.
  • The net cost of insurance averages approximately 15 percent less than pay-in premium, allowing the return of $13.6 million in premium to the members due to good experience.

Who can join the IWLA-IC?

IWLA members with at least 60 percent of revenues generated from warehousing/operations are eligible to join. Here is an overview of an ideal candidate:

  • Member of IWLA
  • Midsized to large company (paying minimum of $250,000 premiums)
  • Financially secure
  • Desire to take control and wiling l to be held accountable
  • Committed to risk-control and safety improvement

What makes the captive beneficial?

Members share in profits and premium determinations are based on their own claim experience. The safer the group is, the more profit and the lower the premiums. Members are also actively involved in the management of their claims and choose their carriers. This provides more control over their destiny. Captive members hold each other accountable for keeping solid safety programs in place.

ArtexTo learn more about how the IWLA-IC program can help you take control of your insurance costs contact or call (630) 694-5050.

Captive Overview

  • Membership: Nearly 12 percent of IWLA member companies are in this captive.
  • Homogeneous Program: IWLA-IC is owned and run exclusively by warehouse logistics companies.
  • Financially sound and safety focused: Members must attend semi-annual risk-control workshops.
  • Average Loss Ratio: Member companies’ five-year average loss ratio is below 40 percent for all lines.


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