Certified Warehouse Logistics Professional (CWLP)

The Certified Warehouse Logistics Professional designation is designed for seasoned individuals who have broad career experience and who have pursued additional professional education.

Experience QWLP Certification

Two years of experience in the warehousing/logistics industry

Two letters of recommendation from outside of the applicant’s company and/or industry.

Approval from the IWLA Education Committee
Education (All requirements must be completed within three years of application submission.) Attend ALL of the following education events:
  • IWLA Economics for Warehousing & 3PL Sales 
  • IWLA Safety & Risk Conference
  • IWLA Technology & Operations Solutions Conference
(Note: If the applicant attended any of the above courses during QWLP certification, it is not necessary to attend again for this certification.)

Attend the IWLA Convention & Expo

Serve one year on an IWLA committee/council

Attend any three events from the following:
  1. IWLA-Canada’s Spring or Fall Conference
  2. IWLA Legislative Fly-in
  3. IWLA Warehouse Legal Practice Symposium
  4. Two IWLA-sponsored webinars and/or online education courses
  5. Attend another industry-related or IWLA-approved conference.
Approval Approval from the IWLA Education Committee
Fee $500 application fee

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