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Sustainability Resources


One of the primary objectives of the council is to provide warehouse logistics companies with tailored resources designed to achieve sustainability under the unique characteristics of the industry.

But first, why should you consider sustainability at all?sustainability_low

Benefits of pursuing sustainability:

  1. Reduce energy, waste and costs
  2. Differentiate yourself
  3. Sidestep future regulations
  4. Attract and retain the best employees
  5. Improve your image with shareholders and the public
  6. Reduce legal risk and insurance costs
  7. Provide a higher quality of life for your communities & employees

Threats of avoiding sustainability:

  1. Liability for pollutants
  2. Supply chain problems
  3. Attacks on your image
  4. Legal problems
  5. Damaged brand image/poor public perception
  6. Closed out of certain markets

Sustainability Commitment Program

IWLA Sustainability Council members have access to and are encouraged to ultilize the Sustainability Commitment Program. This guiding document includes best practices and implementation strategies. The program also has several resources designed to help members develop internal programs of their own including:

  • Sample commitment statements
  • Online resource matrix
  • Sustainability inventory log form

Webinar Series

The council produces a quarterly webinar with of a focus on sustainability. View the webinar topics.

Case Studies

Access the latest council member case studies highlighting their sustainability journeys. Get new ideas and set your plans on the achievements of others. Access the case studies here. 

Read these helpful articles on sustainability.

Many of these valuable resources are collected during the annual IWLA Sustainability Council meeting during the IWLA Convention & Expo. Join the council and learn how you can participate and share best practices at next year’s meeting. 

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