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IWLA Chemical Council


Warehouses that store and move chemicals or other possibly hazardous materials need to meet stringent — and often government-regulated — requirements for safety and security.

The IWLA Chemical Council is a special-interest group designed to educate, inform and share best practices related to storing and handling chemicals/hazardous materials in warehouses.

The IWLA Chemical Council serves members in the following ways:

  • It is as a gathering place for where members exchange information about best practices.
  • Council leaders and IWLA staff monitor changes in legislation and regulation that may affect this industry segment.
  • The IWLA Chemical Council meets twice a year: during the IWLA Convention & Expo and each fall.

A key element of the IWLA Chemical Council is the development and implementation of the Responsible Warehousing Protocol. [members only] This is the only guiding document focused specifically on safe and secure warehouse-based 3PL facilities.

As established by the IWLA Board of Directors, council members must agree to conform with the Responsible Warehousing Protocol in one of two ways:

1. Within three years of joining the council, the member will participate in a verification process of the Responsible Warehousing Protocol and pay the submission fee. This will include the costs for document review, on-site verification and the verification coordinator. This path to admission will be by verification.

2. Or, a member can apply to the council for admission by demonstrating that, within the past three years, it has passed verification under the NACD or CACD “Responsible Distribution” Protocol or the ACC “Responsible Care” Management System. This path to admission will be by reciprocal acceptance.


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