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WLP Certification

IWLA Warehouse Logistics Professional (WLP) Certification Program


The International Warehouse Logistics Association WLP Certification Program recognizes members and nonmembers accomplishments through a tiered certification program designed specifically for warehouse logistics professionals.

The IWLA Education Committee designed the WLP program to reflect varying levels of expertise and involvement in the industry. Professionals from every facet of the warehouse logistics employment can become certified through the WLP Program.

The IWLA Education Committee oversees IWLA’s course offerings and the certification program and processes final approval on all certification applicants. 


IWLA WLP Programs 


Qualified Warehouse Logistics Professional (QWLP) – This level is especially for emerging logistics professionals who are ready to make a career in the industry. $250 application fee.


Certified Warehouse Logistics Professional (CWLP) – This designation is for more seasoned individuals who have broad career experience and who have pursued additional professional education. $500 application fee.


Executive Warehouse Logistics Professional (EWLP) – The EWLP program is reserved for individuals who have achieved officer-level success in their organizations. $1,000 application fee.


Certification Process

All IWLA warehouse members are eligible for the WLP certification program. Non-member warehouse logistics professionals are only eligible for the Qualified and Certified Warehouse Logistics Professional level of certification at this time.

While each level of certification is achieved by satisfying distinct criteria, there are some common requirements:

  • Each applicant must be “sponsored” by his or her warehouse/logistics organization.
  • Each applicant must submit a completed application for the requested level of certification.
  • Each applicant must submit a current résumé with the application.
  • Each applicant must pay a non-refundable application fee for the corresponding level – applicant will be sent an invoice for application fee after initial application has been received, reviewed and accepted.

Once the application is filled out applicants must send all necessary information and requirements to All applications are reviewed and approved by the IWLA Education Committee (or other appropriate party associated with each level) within 90 days of submission.

Download the application now. 


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