September 23, 2014
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The International Warehouse Logistics Association (IWLA) is pleased to announce the launch of the IWLA CareerCenter, a new online resource designed to connect third-party warehouse-based logistics companies and other industry employers with the largest, most qualified audience of warehouse logistics industry professionals.

Use the CareerCenter today to make employment connections!

Let the IWLA CareerCenter help you make your next employment connection:

Employers Job Seekers
  • Online management of job postings, including activity reports.
  • Access to a searchable resume database.
  • Competitive job posting pricing.
  • The CareerCenter is dedicated exclusively to third-party warehouse-based logistics professionals, and it's free.
  • Employment opportunities include warehouse-based logistics positions ranging from senior-level operations executives to marketing/sales professionals to warehouse supervisors to administrative and general warehouse positions.

Whether you are looking for a new CEO or a new receptionist, or looking for a new position, the IWLA CareerCenter holds the key to your new job or your new employee!


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