September 18, 2014
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Sustainable Logistics Initiative (SLI)

The IWLA Sustainable Logistics Initiative (SLI)

Enroll today. Enter your data later!
Once you enroll in SLI, you are part of the program -- even before you enter your data.

Participation in SLI is open only to IWLA members.

The IWLA Sustainable Logistics Initiative (SLI) allows 3PL facilities to be more cost effective and to prove to their customers that their facilities’ environmental efforts are helping make the supply chain more sustainable. The SLI program assists IWLA-member warehouses in assessing the effectiveness of their organization’s environmental performance in a number of areas based on recognized metrics.

Each 3PL facility that participates in the program will receive independent verification that its "green" efforts are more than just greenwashing – that they are truly leading to a more sustainable industry.

The following IWLA Member-companies have facilities currently enrolled in the SLI program:

Allied Logistics
Barrett Distribution Centers
Integrated Distribution Services, Inc.
Murphy Warehouse Company
Nexus Distribution Corporation
Remar Inc.
Sonwil Distribution Center

How does it work?
The IWLA Sustainable Logistics Initiative program is available only to IWLA members. Each member facility can enroll in the program – and each facility’s own environmental baseline becomes the standard against which its efforts are assessed.

Enrollment is easy: The process begins here when you, via this website, inform IWLA that you want to participate. You will be asked to pay the SLI enrollment fee and complete a simple worksheet that captures your facility’s recycling efforts, its electrical usage, its water usage, its safety record – and other data you already know and collect, such as utility bills.

IWLA will share this data only with a third-party verification provider, the Sustainable Supply Chain Foundation (SSCF), which will keep the information confidential. This organization will verify your improvement over time – again, against each facility’s baseline – and will report its finding back to you. Once a facility reaches specific levels of improvement, it can achieve higher status levels in the SLI program: SLI Silver, SLI Gold, or SLI Platinum.

You can join the program today, but you do not need to enter your data immediately. (Complete enrollment instructions are linked below.)

Why participate?
There are many reasons your warehouse facilities should participate in SLI:

1. The IWLA Sustainable Logistics Initiative gives third-party logistics providers like you the opportunity to demonstrate your verified environmental and other sustainability efforts to your customers, your employees, your competitors, the logistics industry and to the public.

2. Once you sign on and submit your information to be verified, you are immediately part of the initiative – and you can publicize your involvement. Each facility will then receive a welcome letter from IWLA and the SSCF outlining any additional steps or tips. As each facility achieves verified goals, it can reach higher levels in the initiative.

3. SLI offers you specific, measurable areas on which to focus your sustainability efforts.

4. IWLA will capture best practices from the most effective sustainable facilities. From this information, IWLA is creating SLI-participant-only sustainability educational sessions and resources designed to share these proven best practices.

5. Focusing on sustainability is the right thing to do.

6. Sustainability saves money and creates a more profitable bottom line.

7. Your customers will be or are already requiring that their 3PL providers be sustainable, and prove it via independent third-party verification.

Where do you start?
It’s simple to start sharing your organization’s real focus on sustainability. Remember: This program is built for individual facilities – and data from each facility needs to be captured.

1. Enter (on the following secure and user-friendly pages) information about the individual facility you want to be part of the Sustainable Logistics Initiative.

2. Register and pay for this facility’s enrollment. Once online payment is received, that facility is part of the initiative.

3. It will then be necessary (now or anytime within 90 days of enrollment) to enter data about the facility’s key sustainability operating areas. These are data points you already monitor: energy use, recycling quantity, water consumption, safety statistics, etc. This information will set the baseline for verifying your sustainability initiative.

4. Once you enter the data, IWLA will convey it to the Sustainable Supply Chain Foundation. (Program data will be captured in aggregate, but each facility’s information remains confidential.) The original baseline serves as the foundation of measurable performance improvement for each facility. Assessments are not cross-industry comparative, nor cross-company comparative.

5. IWLA and SSCF personnel will stand by to assist you in your enrollment.

What does it cost?
Enrollment in the IWLA Sustainable Logistics Initiative for each facility is $1,200. At the point your company enrolls more than 50 percent of its warehouses, it will then become a companywide participant and can publicize itself as such.

Ready to participate?
Click here for the SLI Enrollment Page. 

Location: Your individual facility
Contact: Jay Strother

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